Better a rod than a fish

Possibly the most sustainable investment in legacy fundraising is training of employees. From a short skill training to multi-day course. In a regular training or tailor made for your organization.

Legacy Fundraising Course

For fundraisers who want to become specialists in legacy fundraising, there is an annual six-day Legacy Fundraising Course. Led by Arjen van Ketel and Lena Vizy and with contributions from various experts, all aspects of legacy fundraising are covered step by step. The course is very hands-on. Participants work on practical exercises and develop a plan for implementing or improving legacy fundraising at their own organizations.

The course lasts six days plus two separate coaching sessions. Fundraising is a central element, with an additional focus on legal and tax aspects. During the course, you work on developing your personal conversation skills and immediately apply the new insights to your own organization. At the end of the course, you have a workable campaign or improvement plan for your own organization.

Course leaders are Arjen van Ketel and Lena Vizy with presentations by:

Jan Bart Uildriks (It Fryske Gea)
Oscar Balkenende (Obelisk Estate Administration and founder NOVEX)
Nikki Kluyskens (trainer, training actor and teacher)

Programme and subject
Day 1   Introduction to legacies for good causes
Day 2   Legal aspects and processes
Day 3   Testator’s perspective
Day 4   Personal communication
Day 5   Campaign strategies
Day 6   Organization

Click here to read the full programm in dutch with location and costs.

Quotes by previous course participants:

Jana van Muijden, Dierenbescherming:
Each month a new subject forms a building block in the training. The guidance from professionals with years of experience makes it practically-focused and comprehensive.”

Jan Bart Uildriks, It Fryske Gea:
“Through this course, I gained the knowledge needed to become a fully-fledged legacy fundraiser. As a result, I was able to set up and run Friese Landschap’s legacy campaign.”

Esther Martens, Milieudefensie:
“I found the course useful and practical, and was able to immediately apply the theory in practice. I now have good basic knowledge about the subject. The handbook is a good basis, and together with your explanations and the professionals in the field, it gives a good, varied and applicable idea of legacy fundraising in the Netherlands.
When I talk to donors, I frequently think back to that day with the actor. That session improved my personal communication with donors. It was an instructive day because I could role-play my particular situation with her, and also listen and watch the others. The contact with and experiences of the other students were also very valuable.”

Annemarie Dalenoord, Museum Catherijnenconvent:
“Highly recommended if you want to gain deeper knowledge about the world of legacy fundraising. The course offers good basic knowledge and useful guidelines for real-life practice.”

Pelagia de Wild, AMC Foundation:
“This course gave me the exact knowledge, skills and overview I needed to go from intending to make a plan to taking the step towards a robust, workable plan.”

Trix Kruisinga, Salvation Army:
“The course has given me insight into the whole process of legacies.”



One-day training

Want to learn about the legacy world in a day? Absolutely! This workshop has been a hit for 15 years. In a single day, you get an insight into all the legal and tax aspects, knowledge and research results, fundraising and marketing to seniors. Accompanied by plenty of examples of successful campaigns in the Netherlands and beyond. At the end of the day, participants have an insight into the legacy fundraising opportunities at their own organizations.

Legacy Fundraising for Art and Culture

We organise regular training courses and other services on legacy fundraising for the Art and Culture sector. Please contact us for more information .