It is all about the testator

How do you develop effective communication for legacy fundraising? Answer: Through a strategy that fits your supporters and your organization. By talking to people, you involve them in the cause and inspire them to contribute to a better world via their will.  Arjen van Ketel helps organizations gradually develop and implement a specific strategy. An effective, long-term strategy that makes the most of all that media and technology - old and new - have to offer.

Stategy development

The first step is to study previous legacies, legacy campaigns and the response. After that, we research how your donors, members and other target groups feel and behave in terms of bequests to good causes. We also look at insights and lessons from other organizations in the Netherlands and beyond. We then recommend a strategy with a detailed, long-term action plan. If you already have a legacy campaign in progress, you might consider a health check. We research the effectiveness of your legacy fundraising and propose measures for improvement.

Implementation and administration

The success of a plan is largely determined by implementation. That’s why we provide dedicated support through coaching, tailor-made advice and practical tools. Supplying an interim legacy fundraiser is also an option, as is training or instructing a fundraiser already in post.