The right research for the right strategy

Supporting an organization via a legacy is different to a ‘normal’ donation. The decision can take several years, and drawing up a will is a private matter. But receiving legacies isn’t a black box process. With the right research methods, we can determine the most effective approach and estimate future income. Qualitative research offers an insight into the target group’s motives and incentives, while quantitative research and benchmarking produce realistic prognoses, measure the effects of legacy campaigns and indicate market potential.


Interviews, both personal and in focus groups, give an insight into the thinking of future testators. And into their deliberations about whether or not to make a will and to include one or more good causes. Interviews are an indispensable part of developing a new strategy or auditing an existing programme. We work with experienced external facilitators. Your guarantee of a good result.

Legacy Monitor

An annual legacy research study of large and medium sized organizations, carried out by Arjen van Ketel together with British research agency Legacy Foresight, offers an in-depth insight into the Dutch legacy market. Standard elements are market analysis and prognosis, detailed benchmark research into recent legacies, marketing efforts, and a survey of older Dutch people concerning their deliberations and willingness to support a good cause via their will. The research participants together represent nearly half of all legacies in the top 100 Dutch beneficiaries.

The Legacy Monitor offers:

·       An income prognosis for the coming years.

·       A detailed benchmark of recently received legacies.

·       Benchmarking and results of all participants.

·       Consumer research into motives and behaviour of baby-boomers and the WW2 generation.

For financial planners, the monitor offers an insight into the income that they can expect in the short and medium term. For fundraisers, it gives an insight into market developments, target group profiles and the results of their own legacy campaigns. Everything is detailed in relation to the performance of the entire market and the other research participants.

The research is conducted by Legacy Foresight, the UK’s leading legacy research consultancy, with over 20 years of experience.

Read the English article. A Dutch Snapshot Report with the most recent research findings is available here free of charge. For more information about participating in the annual Legacy Monitor please contact Arjen van Ketel through contact


Market research

A brief survey or more extensive research into the experiences of other organizations helps prevent mistakes and highlights new opportunities. This can be done in your own sector or across the border, for example in countries like the UK where legacy fundraising is well established.