Get started immediately with practical tools and ready-made campaign activities

Legacy fundraising is about good marketing and personal contact. Arjen van Ketel offers a number of practical tools that improve the effectiveness of campaigns, like better target group selection, telephone fundraising and creating inspiring communication materials.


Telephone fundraising

A telephone call is by far the most efficient way to communicate with older supporters. It’s also important for follow-up contact. Since 2009, Arjen van Ketel has worked with telemarketing specialist Kalff. The longest running and most sophisticated telemarketing legacy programme in the Netherlands uses specially selected and trained callers, targeted scripts and data exchange. Arjen van Ketel: “I’m very proud of our expertise and the continuous improvements and innovations in the programme. It’s partly due to input from our critical clients that we have developed such a high-value approach.”

Legacy filter

Good target group selection is a pre-condition for successful fundraising. The legacy filter developed by Arjen van Ketel and EDM-Data selects the best supporters to approach from your database. It’s an enhancement to your database that can be used for several years.

Brochures and copywriting

Translating strategy into effective communication materials is a real craft. Together with copywriter Frank Wijvekate, Arjen van Ketel delivers it. The first step is often to create a ‘legacy proposition’, the key message in all communications about legacies. And the starting point for developing further resources like a brochure, website, leaflets, articles and advertisements.

Free Wills Month

Since May 2021 we organise the Dutch Free Wills Month, in cooperation with Capactiy for Charities in the UK. The Dutch approach is based on the well respected Britisch model. Fore more information see: