About me

Arjen van Ketel is a specialist in legacy campaigns and has over 25 years of experience in fundraising. Since 2001, he has been raising money from legacies and has supported over 50 non-profit organizations with research, strategy development and implementation of legacy campaigns. In the process, he has spoken with hundreds of prospective testators and conducted research into over 5000 bequests to good causes.

Since 2008, Arjen van Ketel has worked as an independent legacies consultant and trainer.
An important starting point for me is improving the know-how and skills of non-profit organizations. Respectful legacy campaigning is not a job that’s easy to outsource. Effective campaigns are only possible when the whole organization is involved.”.

Arjen van Ketel is always looking for new initiatives to further improve legacy campaigns in the Netherlands.

Background and career
After graduating from the University of Amsterdam, Arjen van Ketel started his fundraising career in 1989 at Milieudefensie. From 1998-2008, he worked for communication agencies Delphi and WWAV. He is an active member of the network of European Non-profit consultants, EU-Consult.